Knowing more, Enjoying more!

We created 4 types of workshop packs with different concepts. Lessons in the packs are selected based on the pack concept.

  • 1 st Pack: Become a Rockstar! (Intermediate & Advanced)

  • 2 nd. Pack: Push Your Limits! (Intermediate & Advanced)

  • 3 rd Pack: Mastering Musicality & Embrace! (All Levels)

  • 4 th Pack: Men & Woman Technique (All Levels)


  • You can either have a half pack (3 classes from the same pack) or full pack (6 classes from the same pack.

  • Private classes are available for the friends who are participating to group lessons. All the organization of private classes are conducted by us.

  • If you don't have a partner, we can find a partner for you. But you have to accept the one we find for you.