- SULTANS 2019 -



Thank you for being the best crowd in world!

6.th Episode of Sultans Tango Marathon & Festival is happily over but we can still hear the echoes of it from all over the world!

Loooooots of emotions, words, videos and photographs are shared about amazing 7 days we have spent together. But we believe there is one final announcement remained.

Thank you zilliooooon times !!!

To all artists for the amazing performances and incredible line up

To all crew members realizing this unseen production more a dream

To every other person involved

Making Sultans 2019 unforgettable for 7 days.

Andddddd most important you, to dearest tango friends

by far the best crowd in the world. A big thanks to all of you for being

part of this astonishing chapter we wrote together and made

Sultans Tango Marathon & Festival one of the most

amazing gatherings in the universe.

Hope to welcome you again next year for a new episode of Sultans Tango Marathon & Festival.

We will start to release the sultanic news soon <3.

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