The People of Festivals;

You enjoy to discover new people & places, enjoy live music and to witness the best performing artists.​ A wise man once said, “you’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching”. It is definitely as fun as it sounds but it’s not something that most of us can do everywhere. A Tango festival exist exactly for this purpose. Come to dance your heart out at Sultans and you will be hooked. ​


​We can’t imagine a better place to meet new people and some of them will become your friends for life. After all, you end up spending many hours or sometimes even days with them. Sultans approved its a great place to meet people from different ages, countries, and cultures. ​ ​We prepare everything with care and beauty! From décor to performing artists, we offer a lot for eyes and ears. ​

​If you are new in Istanbul you can combine the experience of traveling to a new location while to attending the festival. Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities of World. It’s rich in history, energy, contrasts and love. ​ Besides travelling around the city if you choose to develop your tango skills you are also highly welcomed! Because you have whole day time for this. ​


Festival pass owners with accommodation option can have 1 free lesson choosen by us. (They have to stay 4 or more nights and booked by us )