Ariadna Naveira y Fernando Sanchez

With a style that identifies them for their musicality and virtuosity, Ariadna and Fernando know how to combine the essential tools of tango with the inherent feel of the embrace.

In a very short time they have been able to complement each other in a harmonious dance that mixes the viewpoint of a modern Tango with the essence of Tango, also making of their teaching a tool to spread their love of Tango in all of its expressions.
They have traveled the world participating in Festivals, Tango schools, Milongas and theaters, making their mark and breaking ground for a dance for and to other -their partner.

Currently, they are working on their technique looking at the dance not only in its form, but also in the way of dancing and feeling the Tango.
Ariadna and Fernando are simply Tango!

Clarisa Aragón y Jonathan Saavedra

From their own words....

We belong to a new generation of young dancers who devote themselves entirely to the art of Tango Dancing. Our mission is to make tango a lifestyle and, through hard work and commitment to this art, being able to pass on our traditions showing how much we love what we do. Our onset as professional dance partners took place in the province of Córdoba, from where we are native. 

In 2012. Both our families and the tango community in our area supported us unconditionally from the starting point. This meant the world for us since it created what we believe to be the foundations of our art. During the following years, we went through a number of enriching experiences such as dancing competitions, shows and Tango events which encouraged us to take the decision of becoming professional dancers. Along with the support of great Maestros and instructors, plus our commitment to this project, we were able to develop a unique style both in our performances and in our teaching system. We strongly believe our performances are a way to genuinely open up to anyone interested in Tango and to share with them what we do.

Throughout our lessons, we offer our students our points of view on technique, different tools for each dancer and all of our knowledge so that others can experiment how we go about this wonderful art which is highly regarded around the world. Once in BA, growth opportunities that not even us believed to be possible began to emerge. We decided to show our work in the most popular Milongas and Tango competitions such as the Campeonato de la Cuidad and the Festival y Mundial de Tango (Tango World Championship).

In 2015 we finally became World Champion in Tango de Pista. Nowadays, we find ourselves touring the world attending the most well-known festivals and Tango events, as we make our contribution and we pass along this tradition. We hope you can join us in our journey!

Gioia Abballe y Simone Facchini

They have been dancing together professionally for 20 years and have been teaching for over 10 years. They are European Champions in 2013 and 2nd  place in the tango world championship held in Buenos Aires. They teach and are guests in different Festivals both in Italy and in the world: Italy, Turkey, France, Germany, Greece, Argentina, Russia. They are part of the most prestigious Argentine companies such as: "Tango x2" by Miguel Angel Zotto, "Tango Seduccion" by Gustavo Russo and "Tango Rouge Company" by Neri Piliu and Yanina Quinones.

Georgia Priskou y Loukas Balokas

​​​Loukas Balokas and Georgia Priskou are outstanding teachers and dancers based in Athens. They started dancing tango in 2000 working with some of the most important tango teachers. The long periods spent in Buenos Aires have been a major influence in their dancing culture and evolution.

After years of practicing and exploring the fields of improvisation and choreography, they have developed their own personal style. The characteristics of their dance are the musicality, alterations in the dynamic of the movement and intense dramatic elements. They love playing with classical as well as the modern forms, mixing them in their dance.

Loukas & Georgia’s teaching is based on the understanding of the basic dancing elements, trying to provide students the necessary tools to create their own dance through an entertaining method.

Loukas and Georgia have been influential in the diffusion and establishment of the tango scene around Greece. Georgia is also one of the first Greek tango DJs, still playing music in several milongas and festivals. For more than 10 years they have taught in the major Greek cities, maintaining a regular student base in their own tango studio, in Athens (Tangofix). They also participate in important festivals and stage shows in Europe and Asia.